Editorial Service includes: Checking and fixing Grammar, Spelling, Syntax, Style, Content etc.

Book Editing (Book length work starts at 20 pages. Per Word Fee paid up front or 1/2 and 1/2.)

Pamphlet Editing (Pamphlet length work starts at 4 pages up to 19 pages.)

Article Editing: (Article is anything from 1 paragraph to 3 pages.)

Professional Pre-Press Book Review (Some publishers require an author to have an outside agency review the work before it is submitted. We do this for you for a modest fee. If your publisher requires this, send us the requirements and we will submit the review for you.)

Reading w/notes (reading a book or paper and making suggestions; Hourly fee)

Complete or partial revisions of previously edited or published writing. Including Rewrites & Major Corrections. (Hourly fee)

Proof Reading w/corrections (Proofing is done with books which are about to go to the printer's and ave already been edited and reworked. Proofing looks for subtle mistakes not caught by others before the final proof is given tot he printer.) (Per Word fee)


Ghost Writing (I write a piece under your name) (Per Word fee)

Collaboration (We write a piece and share the authorship) (Per Word fee)

Article/Letter/Blog (Writing by the word or by the hour.)

Transcription without editing. (Transcribing words from a tape, video, or other recording device verbatim, without any editing.) (Hourly fee)


Press Release Services (Hourly fee)

Social Media Marketing (Hourly fee)

Multi-Media Marketing (TV, Radio, Social Media, Web) (Hourly fees)

After Market advice (Hourly fees)

P.R. and Press Release Services (Hourly fees)

Note: All hourly fees require 1 full hour minimum to start. Partial increments of time always roll over to nearest hour. All work that is done with a one day deadline or less is double the regular fee, and entire fee will be paid before work begins.


Full service Graphics department: Fine Art, Computer Graphics, Photoshop, Book Design, etc.

Illustration, Cartoons, Caricatures, Specialty Fonts (Hourly fees)

Cover Design/Art (Hourly fees)

Logos, Business Cards, Flyers, Pamphlets (hourly fees)

Web Graphics, Creative Web Video/Visual Treatment on CD or DVD (Hourly fees)

Web Management (updating a site, replacing pics/writing/PDF/HTML) (Hourly fee)

Note: All hourly fees require a 1 hour minimum.

NOTE: When using the Google Phone number or any number I give you please leave a message as I tend to screen all calls. Thanks.

Resume's and Recommendations on Request

Saint Albans' Studio.com

   Welcome to St. Albans' Editorial & Graphic Sevices.

I provide: Quality editing, including, grammar, spelling, revisions, corrections, rewrites, blurbs, press releases, and proof reading. Also, transcription services, file conversion, ghost-writing, writing collaboration, graphics, (from business cards to posters and beyond, specializing in book covers and illustrations). Illustrations for almost any venue. I can also do computer and web graphics and design, packaging design, technical design, fine art, art reproductions and a host of other artistic and creative collateral for you personally or your company. 40 years + of commitment and service in the arts! Every client I have is always happy with our work. I am quick, efficient and can work with strict deadlines or emergency time crunches. (However this costs extra.) Please write me for a full fee schedule. Google Phone: (480) 463-4164 (please leave a message!)