Thoughts on the Rabid Right

Conservatives that are now impinging on every airwave, radiowave and blog in the nation. I call them "The Rabid Right." They seem like little rabid terriers, vainly trying to gnaw off a piece of an elephant's toe. They don't seem to understand that about 52% of their countrymen voted for an Afro-American Democratic Candidate. Many who voted for Barack Obama were Republicans in another life, who knew what a dangerous man so-called "Maverick" Senator John McCain was. They also couldn't bear his choice for a running mate and realized that eight long years of a Republican White House, Congress and Senate plus a Supreme Court had done nothing for their pension plans, investment portfolios, 401Ks or their other financial instruments. Bush was spending like a cowboy after a cattle drive. "Fiscally Conservative" had become a meaningless phrase. So the majority of Americans voted in what they hoped would be a very obvious regime change. Of course, now they are back on the attack because Obama will raise taxes. Sorry folks, but taxes is what this country needs to have things like roads and yes, health care. The Rabid Right is screaming in everyone's ear about Obama being a socialist and a fascist and wanting people dead. Meanwhile the top-infected dog in the party, Dick Cheney has said he was a "real fan of water-boarding!" Oh, Reilly? that sounds damned fascist to me! And Stalinist, and Czarist and it sounds like every mad tyrant that has ever promoted fear and violence to further their unjust and mad causes. Like I said, rabid. Completely insane.

President Obama is doing his level best to see this country through very difficult and trying emotional and financial times. He is not superman. He cannot save us all. But he is at least making himself visible and approachable. His people do videos to explain health care reform. If something is going wrong, like with ACORN, he does something about it. If he makes a mistake he fesses up and rectifies it. His approach to the common working man is that of a peer...not some effete snob, which the Rabid Right billed him as last year. He has made good inroads to get us back in the good graces of our International Allies. Yet he does not take much guff either from the International Community or the Right Side of the Aisle. Yet he does not reproach them 
as being "traitors" and "UnAmerican" or "UnPatriotic" even when they portray him with a Hitler mustache and accuse him of wanting to kill our grandparents. He talks to them at their meetings and plainly and eloquently says, "If you think these things are true, you're insane." because they are insane ideas. Much like Bush's idea of punishing Iraq because some losers living in caves in Afghanistan attacked us. Now we are still pouring billions into an endless war against people who strap c-4 to their children and drive them into pizza restaurants. We learned in Vietnam, you can't fight a war when you can't tell who the enemy is anymore. Killing a thousand innocent people in Iraq will not make the Taliban and Al Quayeda lose any sleep. In fact, it helps them recruit others to their cause. The harder we fight, the more they like it.

Yet every day now the Neo-Conservative/Libertarian/Gun Lobby
Republicans, those who foam at the mouth whenever Obama makes a speech, rally their 'thousands' to march on the streets of Washington. In January that city witnessed a million souls lining the streets and parks to watch an inaugural ceremony! Millions as compared to thousands and a few pissed off egg throwers at Bush's two inaugurals! In the world of the unprecedented turn out of voters in favor of Obama, of Universal Healthcare, and of Ending the War, the Rabid Republican ill-conceived and poorly attended "Tea Parties" and "tax protests" truly seem like a wad of spit in the ocean. Yet they come in their teeming thousands to protest the supposition that they might, maybe, possibly will have to pay a little extra for a Coke for Universal Health Care. This so the rest of their countrymen who are losing their grandparents TODAY because they are uninsured might be able to save them. Of course to the Rabid Right these uninsured are the unwashed masses of deadbeat humanity who cannot pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. Because of the new Democratic party hold on the Whitehouse, the Congress and Senate Rabid Right senators and congressmen are squealing "Foul!" and swearing they will filibuster any bill, make candidates for important positions wait in line to be verified, and hold up any bill that doesn't make abnormally large donations of PORK to their states! Rabid little dogs trying to make statements about things they do not even understand. Not one of them has ever read the healthcare bill. But they will all add to it with barrels full of pork and still try to squelch it.

The real problem is that they are continually trying to divide the country into two armed camps. They think that this is some sort of Civil War going on. Some even talk about seceding their states from the Union! I have never seen a pack of wilder dogs who have fits at any reference to human rights, or universal healthcare, or stopping global warming! They still desire war even though it is wasting all their tax dollars and putting us in deficit. If they cannot have it overseas, they will try to foment it right here! They are willing themselves to fly planes into government buildings! Now who does THAT sound like? Terrorists? Enemies of the State? Traitors? Treasonous Dogs? Anti-American religious nut-cases from Pakistan or Saudi or Yemen don't have a thing on the rabid hatred some Americans feel for their own form of government! Hey, Republicans! Time to grow long, scraggly beards and join Osama in his goat caves! You people have a lot to talk about, a lot in common. You could finally make up a new website: E-disharmony.Com, where you can find other religious nuts and
 axe-murdering maniacs who really feel your pain! Who really want to help you in your war on America!

We need a vaccination for the rabies people like Rush Limbaugh spit out from their bat-like fangs, trying to infect the world with their venom. Sean Hannity, Bill
 O'Reilly and their ilk need to have a series of very painful shots to the stomach in order to cure them of this dangerous brain malfunction they are all suffering from! Tea bags bought at Safeway for a buck fifty a box are NOT crates of tea shipped into the Boston Bay burdened with taxes destined for some foreign despot! Get your heads out of your behinds! You are not fighting the "good fight!" You are making fools of yourselves. You are not offering solutions, all you are doing is starting fights over nothing. Biting at anything that disturbs your addled brains. Alone in the dark, you sit, your brains festering with hate, waiting, just waiting to take a chunk out of someone's leg. Stand on your hind legs Republicans and man-up! Start HELPING others. Or get the hell out of our way. The real elephant is coming through. The one that remembers the Bush Era and your hopeless campaign to stamp out a Free America with your Patriot Act and your NSA wire taps, your torture and your gluttony. We won't soon forget. If Obama can't take care of you, the PEOPLE will. We're the elephant in the living room. Pay attention. The Majority is not on your side. So get your shots and be good little doggies. Or pay the price. See your "party" slide into oblivion. Sarah Palin will not save you. Nor will your other spokesmodels. Your spastic antics and your word twisting rhetoric will not save you. And your vile venom and hate will certainly destroy you. In the end, if you keep this up, somebody will have to put you down. We hate to do it, but you will destroy the very fabric of our nation with your insanity and mindless fear and loathing of your own country.
We aren't becoming socialist. Socialism and Socialized Medicine are not the same 
thing. No one is going to put anyone is workcamps and I haven't seen any Democratic Brown Shirts beating up poor defenseless Republicans at their beerhall rallies! Get a grip you idiots! We can all go forward to a better world together, or you can be left behind leashed by your own disgraceful inability to think straight.

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