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 I provide quality editing and graphics services for almost any venue. I can also do computer and web graphics and design, packaging design, technical design, fine art, art reproductions and a host of other artistic and creative collateral for you personally or your company. 40 years + of commitment and service in the arts! Every client I have is always happy with my work. I am quick, efficient and can work with strict deadlines or emergency time crunches. (However, this costs extra.) Write back to get a complete fee schedule for all services described here. Prices are very reasonable!

Book Editing (Book length work starts at 20 pages. Fee paid up front or 1/2 at 
the start and 1/2 on completion.)
Pamphlet Editing (Pamphlet length work starts at 3 to 19 pages)
Basic Editorial Service: Grammar, Spelling, Text repair
Professional Pre-Press Book Review. Some publishers require an author to have an outside agency review the work before it is submitted. We do this for you for a modest fee. If your publisher requires this, send us the requirements and we will submit the review
for you.
Reading w/notes: Reading a book and making suggestions
Major Corrections
Proof Reading w/corrections

Ghost Writing (I write a piece under your name)
Collaboration (We write a piece and share the authorship)
Article/Letter/Blog writing charged by the word

Script Reading

Script Writing

Transcription Services

File Conversion

Press Release Services
Social Media Marketing
Multi-Media Marketing (TV, Radio, Pod Cast, etc.)
After Market advice
P.R. and Press Release Services

Illustration, Cartoons, Caricatures, Specialty Fonts charged per hour. (*Illustration fees require a
two hour minimum.)
Full service Graphics department
Cover Design/Art
Logos, Business Cards, Flyers, Pamphlets
Web Graphics, Creative Web Video/Visual Treatment on CD or DVD, video
editing and production.

Note: All hourly fees require 1 full hour minimum. All work that is done with a
one day deadline or less is double the regular fee, and entire fee will be paid before work begins.
Email me for price or to book an appointment. Serious inquiries only. We can meet or beat most other services prices.
However, you won't find a better service anywhere!

NOTE: When using the Google Phone number or any number I give you please leave a message as I tend to screen all calls. Thanks.

Testimonials, Resume and examples upon request.

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I am a published author, having two books out from Speaking of Angels by David St. Albans, A journal of Spiritual Discovery.

And my masterpiece of horror fiction, Draculya: Blood of the Dragon: The Journals of Vlad the Impaler (Being the true story of Vlad III Prince of Wallachia and how he became the Lord of the Undead.) By David T. Pudlevitcz PhD.

I also have published numerous articles, short stories, poetry, chapbooks and editorial commentary, essays, and written many non-fiction and journalistic pieces as a reporter and journalist.

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